Bases matter with a The smaller ones hold around 2gallons of water or sand (and sometimes gravel). The mid-level ones go up to 35-40 gallons of sand or water. Bear in mind that with a larger backboard, you’ll need to see a larger capacity base to match it otherwise you’ll lose some stability.

One thing to bear in mind is what temperatures you get during colder conditions? When adding water to a base, it’s easy to face a freezing situation outside and not realize that the base is a block of ice now. After defrosting, quite often the base is then deformed. For this reason, people living in colder climates would do well to use sand instead of water as a filling agent. If you still insist on using water, then add anti-freeze to the mixture to try to prevent it freezing over.
With some models, using a water fill can cause leaking over time. This is far less of an issue when using sand. When using water fill up, be aware how water might escape and where the run off will go to avoid issues on the property.
Most budget and mid-level systems using a three-pole steel construction that telescopes to be height adjustable when needed. There are some models that come as a single long pole but that’s harder to store later. Bear in mind, single poles tend to be sturdier than three-part poles that wobble more. Other than that, the frame should be made of steel, possibly with decorative aluminum in other places that don’t provide support directly.
The backboard will tend to be braced with a frame of some kind.Usually this is made of steel. Sometimes it supports only the bottom and part of the sides. In other cases, the bracing goes all around and also at the back for backboard stability too.

This one can be regarded as a perfect for the driveway, stable structure and all-weather resistant parts keep it lasts long for outdoor use.
It has polycarbonate backboard, which is highly durable, it is virtually unbreakable even when it tips down. Little graphic on it shows clear sights on your driveway. There are also many other colors of graphics that you can choose, each of them is printed by fade-resistant ink.
For different ages and levels of players, you can adjust its height through a telescoping height adjustment mechanism. But the operation of it is a bit difficult, before doing it, remember to tilt the whole thing down.
piece steel pole is also made all-weather resistant. For sturdiness, you need to fill enough water or sand in the base. If you live somewhere windy, you can put extra sand or stone on it for safety.
Black standard classic rim
This one is listed as the sixth-best for driveway for its backboard. Actually overall performance of its is quite the same as Lifetime 126type, but unlike clear backboard, this one is covered with graphic.

It has small inch polycarbonate backboard, reaching only 4inches. For its cheap price, you may not expect its rebounding effects. But still, it is pretty sturdy, virtually unbreakable in different conditions.
The graphic printed on the backboard is made by fade-resistant ink, even for long-time use, it still keeps new. If you find the clear backboard showing driveway sights so disturbing in playing, then you can choose this one.
With telescoping mechanism, you can also adjust its height from feet in 6-inch increments, fits the demand of all levels and nearly all ages use. However, its base is quite light, so you can put extra sandbag or stone on it in bad weathers.