In questa confezione sono presenti cinque prodotti che permettono di effettuare un veloce trattamento di sbiancamento dei denti, nonché un foglio illustrativo che spiega come effettuarlo. Il packaging è molto carino e i prodotti sono conservabili nell'astuccio in cartone rigido in dotazione.

Some people swear by swilling coconut oil for whiter teeth or use activated charcoal and a whitening kit in an attempt to remove stains. But the Kardashians' go-to teeth whitening device? The Hi Smile Teeth Whitening Kit.
Confession: I am a marketing person's dream. Despite being cynical enough to realise that the Kardashians were being paid to promote the Hi Smile Teeth Whitening Kit on their Instagram accounts, I wanted in.

Consumers who buy HiSmile but are disappointed in its effectiveness could be tempted to use more of it or keep the tray in for longer to get the results they're after. Without a professional monitoring progress and tooth condition, they may end up damaging their teeth. "I'd be quite concerned that people will say, 'Oh it isn't doing much, I'll just keep using it for longer,' and then you run the risk of harm but no benefit," says Walsh.
Before and after magic
HiSmile's Facebook page is full of before and after videos showing seemingly miraculous results. So miraculous, in fact, that we got a little suspicious.

We asked HiSmile whether its videos had been manipulated in any way. The company refused to confirm or deny, but admitted "they specifically reflect the difference of eight shades whiter" and that consumers need to look elsewhere to see "actual results".
Pro Teeth Whitening Co
Prezzo: 19,99  € (verifica nella scheda prodotto) ★ KIT PROFESSIONALE PER LO SBIANCAMENTO DEI DENTI: Il nostro kit professionale per lo sbiancamento dei denti contiene: dispositivo con intensa luce LED a punti; stampo dentale standard per l’attivazione del fascio luminoso; gel con formulazione al carbone attivo senza perossido; stampi dentali modellabili; custodia salva-igiene; p...
Eco Masters
Prezzo: 11,95  € (verifica nella scheda prodotto) ✔ STRISCE SBIANCANTI DENTI - mysmile kit per lo sbiancamento denti è stato ideato per rimuovere in maniera sicura ed efficace le macchie di caffeina, vino rosso, fumo e tè e migliorare l’aspetto generale dei denti rendendoli visibilmente più bianchi e brillanti. Inclusa nella confezione è presente la scala colori che aiuta a tenere traccia...
A social media game plan
They wanted to come up with a product that could capitalize on the trend, and identified the dental care industry as a point of attack. "Lo and behold we had a bit of a discussion at the dinner that sort of extended, it was a couple of hours, and we came up with the concept of HiSmile and entering the space of oral cosmetics," Mirkovic told CNBC Make It. "We felt that that was a static space, static industry, and one that we could really attack and build a brand in," he added.