Software Selection
Kaleidescape has set the standard for how a modern movie server should look and perform, and I wanted to create a similar virtual "wall of jewel cases" with my own collection of titles - and do it with a fairly modest budget.  My Movies for Windows Media Center provides this functionality for free.  For the movie titles I have archived on my network attached storage (NAS) device, My Movies can take advantage of virtual drive applications such as  SlySoft's excellent Virtual  CloneDrive (free) to automate the mounting of image files.

I'll finish this chapter of my HTPC build with the apps I'm using to make the entire system easier to control and use.  My primary criteria for potential control devices is 1)wireless - preferably Bluetooth and 2) the input device must provide fast, consistent responses.

I am looking for something that is lefty-friendly. One would think that many mice (mouses??) are...they look symmetrical but trust me, they aren't.
From my research, I know that infra-red solutions aren't really solutions as much as a failing hassle that will torment me into making that short trip towards the tv.
The point is to sit back & hulu-surf which makes me veer away from wii-mote-ing or gyrating.

At the core of my system is the fact that it is just plain text format. If you aren’t much for computers, you could just as easily use a notebook (but then there wouldn’t be much of a point to reading this post!). Considering the goals above, the software I used was important. It had to be fast. Really fast. It would also need support for syncing so I could have my notes on my Mac and my iPhone.
Ideas for improvement
I’ve already written a  JavaScript tool that takes my simple notes and spits them out in the overly complicated format required by the state. In the future, I’ll probably expand the tool to also give me some information like total hours used, etc. The general principle is to keep the data entry to a minimum and do more complex functions with the JS program.

Update any edition of NOD3and ESS v2.7, v3.0, v4.0 on any Windows platform! This application allows installing a full signature database update into any location. The definitions can be used to update a product locally, or ported to another computer. Username and/or password are not required on the target computer to update the product.
The installer includes sets of full updates for

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I got my Ph.D. in algebraic topology in 201and immediately moved into machine learning to work on something useful to people. I then completed a post-doc in mathematical machine learning where I worked on medical data. I now work at endgame.
Stephan Huber

Stephan is a security researcher at the Testlab mobile security group at the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT).
His main focus is Android application security testing and developing new static and dynamic analysis techniques for app security evaluation.
He found different vulnerabilities in well-known Android applications and the AOSP. He gave talks on conferences like DEF CON, HITB,  AppSec or  VirusBulletin. In his spare time he enjoys teaching students in Android hacking..